Percutaneous Collagen Induction Treatments (Dermal Rolling)

Percutaneous Collagen Induction Treatments (popularly known as Dermal Rolling) are a relatively new non-surgical cosmetic treatment that are designed to stimulate the body’s natural process of stimulating collagen growth. The primary tool used in these treatments is the “dermal roller,” (a handheld device studded with numerous surgical grade steel micro-needles). Using this specialized device, multiple fine puncture points are made on the skin surface, resulting in micro-injuries to the face. This process in turn stimulates the skin to produce more fibroblasts and collagen, resulting in the skin gaining more volume and elasticity. Dermal rolling can be very effective for fading shallow scars and fine wrinkles, as well as promoting improved skin elasticity and suppleness. With only a few treatments, patient have reported a significant reduction on blemishes as well as significant smoothing and tightening of skin.

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How many treatments are needed to get a good result?

Dermal Rolling can provide an immediate improvement in skin suppleness and clarity after just one treatment, especially when combined with a hyaluronic serum treatment. However for best results most patients require between 3-4 treatments to achieve significant improvement in skin blemishes. Treatments are usually completed weekly during the acute treatment phase, then are generally spaced months apart for maintenance.

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Do you use sterilized, medical grade equipment?

Because our med spa is RN owned and operated, the upmost care is taken with following strict sterile procedures for all of our invasive treatments. Sterilized, medical grade equipment is used on all patients receiving treatments at Wellness, Skin, and Laser.

Is dermal rolling painful?

Many patients that undergo dermal rolling complain of mild prickling sensations when undergoing treatment. We use topical anesthetic creams on all patients undergoing this procedure however, so patient discomfort is ultimately minimal for patients undergoing this treatment.

* Your results may vary.

Is dermal rolling safe?

Dermal rolling is safe way of fading facial scars and is associated with minimal side effects. Patients that develop side effects usually report skin infection, irritation, or mild bruising. When preformed under a supervised clinical setting, these effects are exceedingly rare. To view a video demonstration of this procedure, please check our media page.

* Your results may vary.

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