Hormone Rebalancing


Noticing your libido levels dropping from the heydays of your youth? Having unexplained weight gain? Noticing a gradual loss of muscle tone and strength? Perhaps a comprehensive hormone profile screen is in order. Hormone replacement therapy is an excellent and effective way in combating the body’s aging process by replacing diminishing amounts of hormones that your body naturally produces with naturally produced bio-identical replacements.

Specialized formulations have been created for both men and women. Our specialists at BotoxRN and MedSpa will work with you to address the specific areas with which you need help. The goals of hormone replacement therapy differ slightly between men and women.

* Your results may vary.

* Your results may vary.

For men, some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels include:

Increased fatigue

Lower libido

Decreased strength and muscle tone

Unexplained weight gain

Decreased mental sharpness

Slow recovery from injury

* Your results may vary.

For women, some of the symptoms seen with hormone imbalance include:

Decreased libido

Hot Flashes

Decreased muscle tone and strength

Increased fatigue


Increased anxiety and tension

* Your results may vary.

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