Radiesse for Your Face

Lines, creases, and wrinkles no longer need to have a prominent place on your face. Today, with more people looking for ways to fight signs of premature aging, there have never been more choices and options. While many look to the convenience and positive results of injectable fillers such as collagen or micro-fat injections, perhaps nothing is as exciting and long-lasting as Radiesse, formerly known as Radiance FN.

The long-lasting results of Radiesse coupled with its hypoallergenic properties make it an especially appealing treatment. Made out of calcium hydroxylapatite (which naturally occurs in the body) and suspended in a gel, Radiesse remains soft and natural feeling while results last up to three years. Compare that with the typical results of collagen or micro-fat injections which last between three to six months.

The hydroxylapatite in Radiesse takes on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue, ensuring that it remains soft and pliable in the lips and skin. Meanwhile, unlike collagens and micro-fat injections, Radiesse does not get absorbed by the body, allowing it to last much longer than other treatments.

Radiesse is a great alternative for people who are allergic to collagen. While collagen is a proven and effective treatment as well, it requires allergy tests several weeks before sessions and some people may develop an allergy to it after several applications. Radiesse is hypoallergenic and rarely causes allergic reactions, making it a smart choice for people with hypersensitivies.

With a treatment like Radiesse, you no longer have to put up with signs of premature aging. Lines, creases, and wrinkles can be smoothed out, creating a younger and more vibrant looking you.

Radiesse for Hands

RADIESSE® for Hands is the first and only dermal filler recently FDA approved to correct volume loss in your hands.

Over time, loss of volume in the hands can leave skin looking thin, wrinkled and aged. Imagine been able to restore the youthful appearance in your hands in just one office visit.

Hands are the most visible parts of your body, so why not restore volume, smoothness with natural looking results that last up to 12 months.

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