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What is Scrotox?

Scrotox is the term for non-surgical cosmetic relaxation of the scrotum with BOTOX treatment.

Why Scrotox (Scrotal relaxation with BOTOX)?

Because some male patients prefer a lower hanging and more relaxed scrotum for cosmetic reasons.
BOTOX (Botulinum toxin A -Botox™) when injected in the scrotal areal causes relaxation of both the cremasteric muscle (that regulates the height of the testicles) and the Dartos muscle (think muscle underneath the skin of the scrotum that regulates it size). When BOTOX is injected in these muscles, the muscle will relax, thus resulting in significant descend both the scrotum and testicles.

What are the indications of Scrotox (Scrotal relaxation with BOTOX)?

  • Cosmetic (Aesthetic) enhancement
  • Hyperdynamic / hyperactive scrotum
  • Painful contraction of the scrotum

How is Scrotox (Scrotal relaxation with BOTOX) performed by professionals at BotoxRN Medspa?

Our Nurse Practitioner usually performs Scrotox (Scrotal relaxation) under local anesthesia without sedation in the office setting as an outpatient. The scrotal area is first cleaned with an alcohol pad. Then a layer of topical anesthetic is placed over the entire surface of the scrotum. Once the area is anesthetized (about 15-25 minutes after) the scrotal area is injected with BOTOX with minimal discomfort or pain. The procedure usually take about 45 minutes. Our Nurse Practitioner performs Scrotox at either one of the offices in Houston or Sugarland.

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